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Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm
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Robbie Synge »


In Douglas, young Scottish choreographer-performer Robbie Synge situates a lone performer among a number of simple inanimate objects. During the performance, sound and lighting are affected by both performer and object. A poetic gem! »

Karen Vanhulle »

Second Skin

This singer-songwriter from Bruges, after her piano training, likes to colour outside the classical lines. She likes to give free rein to her musical impulses. Recently, she took the music world by surprise with the stylish debut EP Second Skin, which has a choice selection of her own numbers. »

Jan Fabre / Troubleyn »

Drugs kept me alive

Jan Fabre wrote Drugs kept me alive for and in honour of Tony Rizzi, who was a member of Ballett Frankfurt for a long time under the leadership of William Forsythe. Fabre presents a figure on the edge of life. The nearer to death he is, the more pills and powders he needs. »

Vera Tussing »


In her work Vera Tussing explores our senses, how they function and the way in which they structure our experiences. The physical presence of the audience is a recurring element. In Mazing five dancers alternate social actions with classical choreographic patterns. In this way, Tussing creates a performance that not only stimulates hearing and sight, but also the sense of touch. »

Tuning People »


This endearing triptych with emotional robot installations is an ultra-short gem which can be played 12 times a day for 25 people (aged at least six) each time. A performance like no other! »

Igor & Moreno »


Idiot-Syncrasy is Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solina’s internationally acclaimed jumping performance. In it these two London-based dancers explore the folk traditions of their home bases Sardinia and the Basque Country. Their work is characterised by their strong desire to employ a poetic yet political language. »

Radio Guga »


The music band with voice imitator Guga Baùl thrilled various concert halls last year. Maestrologist Baùl gives form to various national and international greats. »

les ballets C de la B / Alain Platel »

nicht schlafen

With nine performers, Alain Platel creates a new work about the troubled early years of the 20th century. The music is by composer Steven Prengels. Internationally renowned artist Berlinde De Bruyckere designed the stage set. »

Vamos Theatre »

The Best Thing

This British company specialises in poetic mask theatre. This silent performance was a revelation during the international London Mime Festival 2016. The performance is poignant, playful, and light, yet it has a special theme. »

Compagnie Flak / José Navas »


The charismatic José Navas celebrates his fiftieth birthday with a transitional stage ritual. During this performance, he discards all ballast. His dancing is minimalist, but explosive like the forces of nature. »

Dancers On Stage »

Unforgettable - One Night in Manhattan

This international dance show exudes the atmosphere of the sweltering Cotton Club of The Savoy Ballroom in the heart of New York in the middle of the last century. A brilliant and unforgettable spectacle. »

Familie Flöz »

Teatro Delusio

Familie Flöz from Berlin is one of the most fascinating mask theatre companies in Europe. This piece is a theatre performance with a comical glance at the wings. »

Chris Dean's Syd Lawrence Orchestra »


In 1996, Syd Lawrence handed over the leadership of his orchestra to Chris Dean, his regular trombonist. Under Dean’s leadership, the orchestra has confirmed itself as one of the top British swing orchestras. The programme includes gems from Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, and Peggy Lee. »

10cc »

support: Mick Flannery

Graham Gouldman is one of the most influential American songwriters and his band 10CC has sold over 30 million albums since the 1970s. Their CV includes hits such as I’m not in love and Dreadlock holiday. »

Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez »

Mockumentary of a contemporary Saviour

In this theatrical and dance performance Vandekeybus presents a penetrating portrait of a Messiah as a fictitious character. The Messiah stands in a world which could not or would not be saved. Four main characters operate in a surreal and vague atmosphere. »

Akram Khan Company »

Until the lions

In Until the Lions Akram Khan focusses on the changing body: from young to old, from man to woman. He tackles topics such as gender and sexuality and does so via his very own dance style: a mix of classical Indian kathak and contemporary dance. »

Theatre Republique Kopenhagen & 7 Fingers »

Bosch Dreams

The internationally renowned circus company Les 7 Doigts de la Main (the 7 Fingers) from Canada presents an impressive and comprehensive visual spectacle, which is inspired by the work of Jeroen Bosch. »

Compagnie Marie Chouinard »

Hieronymus Bosch: The Garden of Earthly Delights

Just as a choreographer can start with a piece of music in order to create, Chouinard starts with the painting by Jeroen Bosch. This is a choreography in three acts from the famous triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights. »

Hugh Masekela »


The South African trumpet player Hugh Rampolo Masekela is one of the great representatives of Afro-jazz and jazz in general. »

Compagnie Un Loup Pour l'homme »

Rare Birds

In his third creation acrobatic performer Alexandre Fray continues with the search for the limits of acrobatics and the acrobat. He performs here with the subjects of birds and flying. »

Bugge Wesseltoft »

New Conception Of Jazz

Bugge Wesseltoft was once the regular partner of jazz legend Jan Garbarek. With his New Conception of Jazz formation, he has been one of the most fascinating representatives of Northern European jazz for over 20 years. »

Akram Khan Company »

Chotto Desh / Het kleine thuisland

Akram Khan and Sue Buckmaster have made a wonderful adaptation for families and children of Desh from 2011. In a magical mix of dance, speech, and visuals, Chotto Desh tells the story of a child who has to leave his country. »

Jan Martens / Steven Michel »


With ODE TO THE ATTEMPT, Jan Martens presents an amusing and personal deconstruction of a creative process. It is a humorous self-portrait between authenticity and manipulation, perfectionism, ‘coolness’, and melancholy. With THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS, Steven Michel endeavours to bring to life an imagined universe in order to visualise erected physical and spatial expressions. »

Voxtra »

The encounter of vocal heritage

This ambitious music project fuses singing genres from different European and non-European traditions: folk songs from Belgium, Sardinia’s rural ‘canta e tenore’, Southern Madagascar’s Beko style, and Finland’s rune songs and joik. »

Eliane Elias »

Made in Brazil

Eliane Elias is a big name in the Brazilian world of music and jazz. Her album Made in Brazil attracted widespread praise and has earned her a Grammy award for the best Latin jazz album. »

Old Salt + Barabas »


Old Salt came into being in 2013 during a world music conference in Slovenia and has grown into a closely knit group of six musicians. The band consists of both Europeans and Americans. Their music contains influences of old time, Americana, blue grass, and European folk. »

Bella Ciao »


This project is an ode to the Italian folk tradition and a celebration of the Italian voice. Accordionist Riccardo Tesi, one of the most prominent and remarkable figures in the current Italian global music scene, works together with vocalists who have been at the top for over 30 years. »

Circa »

What will have been

To the violin notes of Bach and in combination with electronic soundscapes, the athletes of Circa perform so as to defy the laws of gravity. A breathtaking and daring acrobatic performance. »

Kabinet K & HETPALEIS »

Horses - i.k.v. Dag van de Dans

Horses is a dance piece full of irrepressible energy. Five children and five adults meet each other. They share gusto, amazement, and, especially, an unshakeable trust in each other. Horses is about wanting to grow up and wanting to remain a child, about power and vulnerability, about carrying and being carried. »

We Stood Like Kings »

USSR 1926

The Belgian post-rock band We Stood Like Kings plays its own composed soundtrack for the silent film A Sixth Part Of The World by Dziga Vertov, who put the documentary film on the map. »

Alsarah & The Nubatones »


With her charming presence and beseeching voice, Alsarah is seen as the rising star in the recently discovered oasis of Nubian retro pop. This takes us to the deep heartland of the former pharaohs. »

Michael Clark Company »

to a simple, rock ’n’ roll . . . song

Dancer-choreographer Michael Clark is something of a maverick of British contemporary dance. He returns to Bruges with an ambitious new work. »

Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion »

The Cow Piece / Body Not Fit For Purpose

The work of Burrows and Fargion is situated somewhere between dance, music and performance art. »

Tommy and the Wildflowers »

staand concert

Tommy Vlaeminck from Bruges has worked for years as a guitarist, producer, songwriter, and studio musician. Last year, he produced his first full CD with pop, rock, acoustic, and electric numbers. »

Flat Earth Society + Mauro Pawlowski & Frank Deleu »

Feathers and Bells

To close the carillon season in a festive way, the city’s carillon player Frank Deleu will bring his mobile carillon and will be joined by the famous 14-man orchestra Flat Earth Society and musical jack-of-all-trades Mauro Pawlowski. »

Gandini Juggling »

4x4 Ephemeral Architectures

After the success of SMASHED, the world famous juggler Sean Gandini searches for the relationship between ballet and modern circus. 4x4 is a mix of elegance and virtuosity. »

Roland and The Deep Blue Sea »


The forefather of the Belgian blues, Roland Van Campenhout, digs up some startling blues gems from the musical maritime past. »

fABULEUS & kwaad bloed (Ugo Dehaes) »


In Rats the choreographer and his dancers see it as a challenge to unite all possible forms of urban dance (break dancing, house, hip hop, popping, locking, etc) and modern dance. hier komt vertaling »

Buddy Holly & The Cricketers »

The Fabulous Buddy Holly & The Cricketers

The Buddy Holly & The Cricketers show takes you back to the days of world class hits such as Heartbeat, That’ll be the day, It doesn’t matter anymore, and Oh boy! The band guarantees an afternoon of stirring beats and sizzling riffs. »

Cie Thor / Thierry Smits »

Anima Ardens

Eleven nude men move around an equally bare stage. Together, as it were, they form a temporary tribe with its very own dance rituals. The dancers weigh up not only their bodies, but also their breath and voices. »

Musicland Productions »

Ladies of the sixties

The four singers take you back in time to the days of the first televisions in living rooms, wild hair, rock ’n roll, and free sex. Put on your dancing shoes for hits like Son of a preacher man, Mister postman, or Da doo ron ron. »

Aakash Odedra »

Echoes & I Imagine

London-based Aakash Odedra is one of the most promising young dancers on the British dance scene. Echoes is a high-octane kathak dance experience, choreographed by kathak icon Aditi Mangaldas. In I Imagine Odedra combines choreography with a humorous story about travel and migration. »

Egyptian Project »

concert i.k.v. Belmundo

The young French musician Jérôme Ettinger confronts the ethnic-Egyptian tradition with current western music styles such as trip hop and electro. »

fABULEUS & Randi De Vlieghe (Moldavië) »


POPCORN is a dance piece with the effect of a pop concert. An intense trial of strength with three male bodies and a live drummer. It’s all about the irresistible force of the beat, but there’s silence as well. »

Ayelen Parolin »


In 2014, Ayelen Parolin amazed the dance world with her Hérétiques (Heretics) duets, a sort of modern ritual based on repetition and perseverance. The same spirit pervades this new work of hers, but this time it is performed with Korean dancers, a pianist, and a Korean percussionist. »

Khoury Brothers »

De avonturen van Prins Achmed

The Khoury Brothers provide one of the most fascinating first silent animation films of a new music score from 1926. They start on the basis of the Arab tradition, but they also draw inspiration from lots of influences from flamenco, swing, classical music and jazz. »

Peeping Tom »


This eccentric company works on the theme of Moeder/Mother, a word which covers the overtones and comprises lots of emotions. The audience is swept along in a world of mystery and uncertainty. »

Refugees for Refugees »

B Major

Bruges is a place of musical creation. The B MAJOR festival aims to show that. Bruges Cultural Centre provides a musical encounter between integrated exiled musicians and recent refugees. What this brings remains a surprise. »

Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin Kwartet »


This Armenian-Turkish duo have put together an intimate programme full of splendid lyrical and introspective pieces with texts in Armenian and Turkish. It is mainly the melancholy of the duduk which resounds expressively. »

Viktor Lazlo »

Trois Femmes / Drie Vrouwen

You might remember this French-Belgian singer from hits such as Backdoor Man or Sweet, Soft & Lazy from the 1980s. Today, she will surprise you with a programme around three renowned jazz divas, namely Billie Holliday, Sarah Vaughan, and Ella Fitzgerald. »

Duo Gama »


The two men of Duo Gama unleash their musical talents in a burlesque and eccentric wordless show. »

Jan Lauwers & Needcompany »

De blinde dichter

The blind poet travels through history via the family trees of all Needcompany’s members. Along the way, Jan Lauwers realises that everyone has some link or connection with everyone else. »

Antony Hamilton & Alisdair Macindoe »


Antony Hamilton is an Australian choreographer who has won numerous prizes. In Meeting he gives a meticulous interplay between movement and music in his typical style based on popping, locking, and other urban dance movements. »

Company Wayne McGregor »


The international award-winning performance Entity is a dizzying mix of bodies, lighting, technology and film. »

KOPERGIETERY & Cie Pol & Freddy »

De Daltons

De Daltons is a nice salon-soap for everyone over the age of six with lots of circus dash and a touch of philosophy about the lengths to which friends will go for their (supposed) ideals. »

Gisela João »

concert i.k.v. Belmundo

Gisela João’s debut album proved to be a big hit a few years ago like a warm gulf stream in the mouth of the River Taag. Gisela João shot to fame immediately as the revelation of contemporary fado. Without beating about the bush she gives the genre a refreshing voice. »

Het Houten Huis / Oorkaan / Nordland Visual Theatre »

Kunstendag voor kinderen: Onbekend land

After a long journey, the main character in this piece returns to her new home, a freezing mountain. She slowly finds out how everything works in this unknown country. The ‘Houten Huis’ from the Netherlands is now one of the most popular companies within our family range. »

The London Quartet »

Christmas with The London Quartet - Cantabile

The London Quartet enjoys worldwide renown for their unique Christmas concerts, with a selection of traditional Christmas carols, but also less well known Christmas songs in individualistic vocal adaptations. »

Long Tall Danny & His Blues Combo + The Bluesbones »

Nothin' but the blues

This group claims to specialise in nononsense blues, based on the black blues from the 1950s, supplemented by elements of country, jazz, soul, and funk. The Bluesbones round off this all Belgian blues night. »

Christian Rizzo »

Ad Noctum

In his latest performance Ad Noctum, French choreographer Christian Rizzo pays tribute to the nocturnes of Frédéric Chopin and Erik Satie. Christian Rizzo will become curator of December Dance in 2017. »

De Bonanzas »

The story of The Sixties

De Bonanzas carry you along in a chronological and musical time machine which starts on the threshold of 1960 and ends at the dawn of the seventies. »

It It Anita + The Day Off »


It It Anita from Liege embraces the noise of the 1990s, but gives it a completely personal spin. They link hard music with energy and subtle details with deep emotions. »

Une Anche Passe & Barbara Sarafian »

Le Grand Troupeau

In 1999, a group of French and Flemish artists created the musical project Le Grand Troupeau, based on the literary work of Jean Giono. In his book, the author describes his experiences as a soldier during the First World War. This performance is one of the Great War Centenary events. »

LaClaireau + Ziggy Venneman »


La Claireau reflects on the giddiness and shady side of our existence where dream and reality run into each other. The band mixes roots music with old European music with a classic touch. »

Lady Linn & Her Magnificent Seven »

Keep it a secret

The fourth studio album of Lady Linn includes twelve magnificent songs, fluctuating between lively and upbeat to warm, intimate, to sultry and mysterious. She is supported on stage by her seven magnificent musicians. »

Helsinki + Hermit »


Helsinki was formed by Thomas Vanelslander, who has played with numerous bands such as K’s Choice, Raymond van het Groenewoud, Arno, Gorki, and Hannelore Bedert. With his own band he has soon built a sound reputation for live performances, with flashes of Queens of the Stone Age, the others from The Black Keys of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. »

Ragùs »

Ragùs The Show

Ragùs performs traditional Irish music and dance worldwide, with songs and dances full of emotion and vitality. The magical plot of acoustic instruments and stirring dance rhythms will get you fully into the Irish mood. »

Berlin »

Bonanza & Jerusalem

Berlin is one of those remarkable collectives which uses film to explore new forms of theatre and image creation. »

Andersson Dance & Scottish Ensemble »

Goldberg Variations - ternary patterns for insomnia

Bach composed the Goldberg variations in 1742 for the clavier. In this concert, the Scottish Ensemble performs Sitkovetsky's famous transcription for strings, composed for Bach Year 1985. This performance, with eleven musicians and five dancers, is an absolute delight for ear and eye. »

Walter Trout »

Battle Scars World Tour 2016

With Walter Trout the Nothin’ but the Blues festival has a real blues legend in its midst. This American guitarist has played with stars like Canned Heat, John Lee Hooker, and Big Mama Thornton, and was a member of the legendary group John Mayall’s Blues Breakers. He now tours with his own band. »

Lost Dog / Ben Duke »

Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me)

In Paradise Lost dancer and theatre-maker Ben Duke presents a one-man version of the eponymous epic poem by 17th-century English poet John Milton. This brilliant piece of comic dance theatre about God, Lucifer, Adam and Eve was a huge hit at the Edinburgh Festival '15. It is an ode to the clumsy and crushing art of creation. »

Sprookjes Enzo / Cie Lewis »


Lampionaio is a nimble and magical circus theatre act with moving objects and dolls, video, and surprising circus numbers. »

Leonore + You May Leave The Island »


Leonore performed for two years with artists such as Avi Buffalo, Amatorski, Intergalactic Lovers, Bony King, and Eefje De Visser. This set combines an easy interchange of acoustic numbers and the intimate force of a full band. »

Russell Maliphant Company »

Conceal | Reveal

Conceal | Reveal marks the 20th year of the collaboration between choreographer Russell Maliphant and lighting designer Michael Hulls. It is an evening-filling programme of new and existing works that explore the relationship between movement and light. »

K's Choice »

The Backpack Sessions

After a series of solo projects and a five-year lull, Sarah and Gert Bettens have once again set off together down musical paths. The programme includes old and new musical material, supplemented with some surprising covers from their shared musical rucksack. »

Cowboys & Aliens + Fire Down Below »


The groove rock band Cowboys & Aliens was formed in 1996 and is now one of the major ambassadors of Bruges. The band has already appeared at Dour and Graspop and has also played as a supporting act for groups such as Deep Purple. »

Cie Galapiat Cirque, Sanja Kosonen & Elice Abonce Muhonen »


On the basis of the old technique of hair hanging, two Finnish acrobats have developed a breathtaking, seemingly weightless, and sensual air choreography into a poetic floating ballet/duet. »

Hofesh Shechter »


The barbarians in love features six dancers moving to an eclectic baroque score, tHE bAD is a joyous explosion of dubstep grooves. Two completely different angles of the same fucking thing is a poignant duet. »

Lucy Guerin Inc. »

Motion Picture

Motion Picture is a choreography which examines the tension between live performance and cinema. The dancers face the big screen behind the audience and use the film images as a source of inspiration for their movements. »

4Hoog »


Woesj is a nice little infant opera with visual and auditive surprises. Immerse yourself in a world of magical music and theatre full of sounds and voices. »

Lisbeth Gruwez / Voetvolk »

We're pretty fuckin' far from okay

We live in a culture of fear. In We’re pretty fucking far from okay, choreographer Lisbeth Gruwez considers fear related to human respiration and the human body. »

Laika »

Piknik Horrifik

An apocalyptic picnic at a creative location in Bruges. This is the recipe for Piknik Horrifik, inspired by The Garden of Earthly Delights, without doubt the most fascinating painting by Jeroen Bosch. »

The Nylons »

Farewell Tour

With global hits such as The lion sleeps tonight and Up the ladder to the roof, this Canadian vocal foursome put the a capella genre on the map in the early 1980s. After touring continuously for 35 years, they are saying farewell in style. »

Scottish Dance Theatre & Damien Jalet »


In an impressive set designed by visual artist Jim Hodges and the dark, claustrophobic music by Winter Family, Yama explores mythological tales about mountains. »

Trio Talawine »


The founders of Trio Talawine fled from the war zone in their native land and came to the West in search of a better future. After his release, the Syrian UD-player and musician Hassan Abdalrahman seized the initiative to use his life story and his music to build a career. »

Okidok »

Les ChevalierS

‘Les Chevaliers‘ is a show that young and old will enjoy. You are taken back in time to the fascinating Middle Ages. During their quest, the main characters are involved in a number of tragicomic adventures. Discover a fascinating world of legends and knights. »

Steven Troch Band + Mississippi Heat »

Nothin' but the blues

Mississippi Heat is the accompanying band for Pierre Lacocque’s exceptional mouth organ and Inetta Visor’s roaring voice. The band brings traditional blues with a unique sound. »