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Booking office Cultuurcentrum Bruges only by telephone during the day:
+32 (0)50 44 30 60
Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm
on Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm

In&Uit Bruges
't Zand 34, 8000 Bruges
open every day from 10 am to 6 pm


Koen De Preter »


Koen is a 31-year old choreographer, Alphea a 87-year old dancer. Together they push back boundaries and bridge the gap between young and old. Both share the same dream: to go on dancing till the end of their days. »

Jef Neve »

Sons of the New World

For his new album Jef Neve wrote twelve new compositions based on current events: the revolution in the Middle East, the nuclear disaster in Japan, ... »

Jan Fabre & Vlaamse Opera »

Tragedy of a Friendship

In collaboration with writer and Nietzsche expert Stefan Hertmans and young German composer Moritz Eggert, Fabre drew inspiration from Wagner’s thirteen operas and created an exciting new work of musical theatre. »

Piet Maris & Théophane Raballand »

Ik en den Theo

Rock, waltz, Balkan folk music, and anarchist children’s songs for anyone between 3 and 93 years old. »

The Broken Circle Bluegrass Band »


You could say that Johan Heldenbergh is the Flemish missionary of country and bluegrass. His banjo, the celestial voice of Veerle Baetens and an outstanding band led by Bjorn Eriksson will be more than enough to win you over. »

Matt Bianco »


The hits 'Half a minute', 'Whose side are you on', and 'More than I can bear' are just as recognisable today as they were thirty years ago. Matt Bianco combines a pop sound with swing effects from jazz, soul, and bossa nova. »

Kris Verdonck / A Two Dogs Company & Shalala »

H, an incident

The first music theatre performance (with Icelandic women’s choir) of the work by Belgian artist Kris Verdonck. Based on the absurd, humorous, and yet forcible texts by Russian author Daniil Harms. »

Mud Morganfield & Tail Dragger with the Rhythm Room All Stars + Fried Bourbon »

i.k.v. Nothin' but the Blues

Top blues legends Mud Morganfield and Tail Dragger are accompanied by Rick Kreher, rhythm guitarist with Muddy Waters, Bob Corritore, harmonica, and drummer Brian Fahey (The Paladins). The Belgian group Fried Bourbon provides the supporting programme. »

Pasadena Roof Orchestra »


Pasadena Roof Orchestra is a big band from Great Britain and they bring swing classics such as 'Puttin on the Ritz', 'Sweet Georgia Brown', and 'The Lullaby of Broadway'. »

Michael Nyman Band »


With his daring musical choices, Nyman has put together a versatile oeuvre. The unforgettable soundtrack with 'The Piano', the masterpiece of Jane Campion, is one of his most well known works. »

Gordie MacKeeman & The Rhythm Boys »


Together with three knowledgeable roots diggers, MacKeeman specialises in stirring traditional dance tunes and converts this live into a high speed performance full of physical and rhythmic dynamics and explosive instrumental tours de force. »

Villanella & Maria Clara Villa Lobos »

Koppie Koppie

Tumbling in an imaginative, playful world full of bubbling scenes, just fall back and be amazed at the timing of dance and image and enjoy colourful images, humour, and poetry. »

Israel Galván »

Lo Real

Spanish choreographer and dancer Israel Galván blends flamenco with contemporary dance and music. In 'Lo Real' he tackles the Nazi persecution of the gypsies and those same Nazis’ contradictory fascination for gypsy music. »

El Juntacadaveres »


The novel by the Uruguayan author Juan Carlos Onetti not only provided the inspiration for the name of the group, but also dominates the daring approach of the traditional Argentine tango idiom. »

De Valse Teefjes, Les Odettes, Fanfardéon »

Airbag Passage

The accordion charms the city with a lively fanfare, a sharp female choir, and a burlesque girl duo. »

Ivo Dimchev »


The work of the Bulgarian Dimchev is a violent and colorful mixture of performance art, dance, theatre and music. The important sculptor Franz West encased everyday objects in gauze and plaster so that the public could walk around with them.Their collaboration resulted in an impressive and radical performance. Some scenes are not suitable for sensitive spectators. »

Vincent Glowinski (Bonom) & Jean-Francois Roversi »


Since 2008 graffiti artist Vincent Glowinski (aka Bonom) has collaborated with media artist Jean-Francois Roversi on a stage counterpart to his street activities. In 'Meduses' dance and drawing enter into a dialogue. »

Peter Jasko »

Solo 2009 - To be continued

Peter Jasko is a founding member of the dance collective Les SLovaKs. He previously danced with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and David Zambrano. 'Solo 2009 - To be continued' is his first solo. It is an endless work in progress about the tragicomic hero of the silent film. »

Pip Utton »


In 'Churchill' Pip Utton puts a legendary statesman under the spotlight, illuminates him from all angles, and intersperses the whole with unique statements which typified Churchill. »


Nog een danske

'Nog een danske' is a splendid, wordless, ridiculously absurd, and recognisable optical performance for both infants and older ones. »

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui / Eastman »


Cherkaoui is one of the most celebrated names on the international dance scene. For '4D' he has worked his four strongest duets into a magnificent presentation. A good illustration of the versatility and innovative character of his work. »

Doghouse Sam & His Magnatones + Hideaway »

i.k.v. Nothin' but the Blues

An exceptionally edifying blues weekend, which unites the best in Belgian blues bands (Hideaway) and the most authentic blues singer from Chicago, accompanied by an ultimate all star-band. »

Germaine Acogny / Company Jant-Bi Jigeen »


Nine young female Senegalese dancers with a sharp and humorous look at their life and Senegalese society. Female dancers and choreographers are a rarity in African dance. This new generation needs to be encouraged and supported. »

Frommermann »

De stilte aan stukken

Close harmony based on the historical repertoire of the Comedian Harmonists. Jazzy renderings of popular American songs in German translation, traditional folk songs, and renderings of opera and operetta classics. »

Claire Croizé / Action Scénique »

Chant éloigné

Choreographer Claire Croizé and four other dancers travel back to the beginning of the 20th century: a period of dramatic change and great uncertainty. The music and visual language fit in perfectly with that atmosphere of imminent change. »

Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez »

Monkey Sandwich

The film 'Monkey Sandwich' was originally part of the theatrical performance of the same name. Especially for DD 13, Monkey Sandwich will be accompanied live by musicians Elko Blijweert, Joris Caluwaerts, Frans Van Isacker and Simon Lenski. »

Titi Robin »

Les Rives / The Banks

Titi Robin went in search of the riverbanks of India, Turkey, and Morocco and drew inspiration for a new repertoire with local musicians. »

Tuur Florizoone, Eric Vloeimans, Jörg Brinkmann »

Oliver's Cinema

The accordion has even earned a place in modern jazz and Tuur Florizoone proves this with full conviction. »

Urs Karpatz »


These hunks from the Carpathians are more than just a circus attraction. Their music stands out in the extremely varied gypsy traditions which they have in their blood. »

Ladies of the Fifties »


These Ladies of The Fifties emulate stars of the 1950s such as Connie Francis, Doris Day, Judy Garland, and Peggy Lee for a programme full of 'Lollipop', 'Blue Moon' and 'Fever'. »

Compañia Sharon Fridman »

Al menos dos caras

'Al menos dos caras' is a thrilling presentation in which two young, strong, and attractive dancers sound out each other’s physical limits in an intense manner. Fridman stands for tough and direct dancing with no frills. »

Bai Kamara Jr »

Bai Kamara Jr presents The Rare Earth and The Mysticals Survivors

Bai presents a melting pot of stirring musical influences, from soul and funk to blues and afro. In his songs he also proves to be a committed poet, who remembers his West African roots. »

Akram Khan Company »

iTMOi (in the mind of igor)

The acclaimed and admired dancer-choreographer Akram Kahn is one of the family in Bruges. In 2011, he was curator of December Dance Festival, a successful joint venture between the Bruges Concert Hall and Bruges Cultural Centre. Like so many other artists, Khan is fascinated by Stravinsky’s 'Le Sacre du Printemps'. With eleven dancers he presents his own individual version. »

Jaune Toujours & La Troba Kung-Fu »


Metropolis rumba from the capital of Europe and the Catalan metropolis of Barcelona. »

Sprookjes en zo »


'Sneeuw!' (snow) is fairytale-like, interactive, white winter performance for toddlers. »

The Antler King »


The group produces sophisticated music from a surprising interaction of different musical backgrounds. The biggest trumps are the attractive arrangements and harmonies, powerful vocal parts, and a soft spot for multi-voice parts. »

Neander Theater »


‘Die Hard meets The Office’ – that’s the name of this crazy Danish theatre production. 'Blam!' is a crazy mix of physical theatre, circus, acrobatics, and daredevilry. »

Marcel, Rami & Bachar Khalifé »


Apart from songs based on the poems of the great Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, the extensive repertoire of Marcel Khalifé also includes arrangements of traditional Arabian tunes and music for ballet and film. »

Ugo Dehaes / Kwaad Bloed »


This gripping presentation depicts the struggles of four couples with each other and with themselves in order to maintain their relationship. In real life, too, they are couples and are joined to each other like a branch which is grafted into a strange stem. »

Thomas Hauert / ZOO & Daan Vandewalle »

Gevulde dans op verklede muziek

A solo work created by choreographer Hauert for Mat Voorter, to the music of Cage’s 'Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano', performed here live by Daan Vandewalle. This family performance gives full rein to the flowering of imagination. »

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker / Rosas & Boris Charmatz »

Partita 2

De Keersmaeker and Charmatz invite us to share in their intense passion for movement and reflection. Their duet is shaped by the vibrant architecture of Bach’s 'Partita no. 2', performed live by violinist Amandine Beyer / George Alexander van Dam. »

Bára Sigfúsdóttir »

On the other side of a sand dune

In 'On the other side of a sand dune' Bára Sigfúsdóttir immerses herself in the narrative tradition of her native Iceland. Drawing her inspiration from old Icelandic women, who have witnessed tremendous social evolution, she performs a theatrical solo, in which dance, music and voice intertwine to give us a glimpse into the past and a vision of the future. »

Lemi Ponifasio / MAU »

Stones In Her Mouth

This moving ritual that hovers between dance, music theatre and visual art. New Zealand choreographer Ponifasio tells the stories of eight Maori women, who play out the turmoil and oppression they suffered at the hands of the Europeans. »

Esmé Bos, Bart Voet & Gwen Cresens »


With a three-four time to guide them, this trio works its way through a nimble repertoire from Gus Viseur to Hank Williams. »

Patricia Routledge & Piers Lane »

Admission: One Shilling

Patricia Routledge, accompanied by pianist Piers Lane, tells the story of pianist Myra Hess, who organised risky, but nonetheless well attended concerts during World War II. »

Frédérick Gravel »

Gravel works

Gravel promises us an exciting journey from the head to the heart to the genitals. 'Gravel Works' is a rock ‘n roll choreography, with seven dancers and musicians, who guides us behind the scenes of show business with the necessary humour. »

Celso Pina »

El rebelde del acordeon

The wildest rebel at the forefront of Mexican norteña and sonidera guarantees a steaming musical cocktail in the nostalgic frame of the Magic Mirrors. »

Handspring Puppet Company »


The South African Handspring Puppet Theatre is one of the leading theatre companies in the world. They tell the love story of the poet André and a dancer called Nokobonisa. An absolute must! »

Oana Cătălina Chiţu & Ensemble »


Oana Cătălina Chiţu presents an ode to the Rumanian singer Maria Tãnase (1913-1963). Ms Tãnase is still incredibly popularin Rumania and, as well as being a theatre and film actress, she was also an opera singer, a musical star, and a folk singer. »

Cie Mossoux-Bonté »

Histoire de l'imposture

What do we claim to be, even though we are not? This question is posed on the stage through a large display window with tailor’s dummies. »

Larf! »


'Koer' is a mimed performance about the wondrous microcosm of the playground. What happens in the play area? What and how do children play with each other? What sort of relations, conspiracies, funny situations, and mini-human dramas are created there? »

Maud Le Pladec »


French choreographer le Pladec drew her inspiration from composer Fausto Romitelli’s 'Professor Bad Trip'. Belgian guitarist Tom Pauwels of the Ictus ensemble launches himself, together with two dancers, into the acoustic universe of Romitelli. »

Thomas Steyaert & Raul Maia »

The ballet of Sam Hogue and Augustus Benjamin

Sam Hogue (Thomas Steyaert) and Augustus Benjamin (Raul Maia) both previously danced with Ultima Vez. In 'The Ballet of Sam Hogue and Augustus Benjamin' they engage in a physical conversation: the movement of the one elicits a responding movement from the other. The constant exchange of physical information between the two performers reveals aspects of their relationship. »

Nicolas Delfosse & Friends »


The Bruges musician Nicolas Delfosse joined forces with Jessica Lamote from AllThatJezz. The symbiosis of two separate musical worlds yields a fragile and tender result. »

Cie Mossoux-Bonté »

De ultieme gevoelens van Lucas Cranach De Oude

In an atmosphere dominated by humour and eroticism, this is an exploration of blurred attitudes, inspired by the world of the German painter Lucas Cranach. »

Bollywood Masala Orchestra »

Spirit of India

This orchestra brings together the best of Indian culture in a unique show. An incredible brass band and acoustic musicians, singers, dancers, a fakir and acrobats take you on a musical tour from Rajasthan to Mumbai. »

Zimmermann & de Perrot »

Hans was Heiri

A breathtaking spectacle in a revolving house in which the occupants spend the day dancing, leaping, and climbing in a miraculous fashion. »

Renée (support: Eefje De Visser) »


Renée disappears into the darker recesses of her thoughts where naked bones beat the drums and a drawling voice opens up old wounds. She drags her Dutch colleague Eefje along with her own pithy Dutch language repertoire. »

Jean-Pierre Hautekiet & Koen Walraevens »


An exalted dialogue between carillon and accordion from the medieval belfry. »

Marrugeku / Dalisa Pigram - Koen Augustijnen »

Gudirr Gudirr

In a gripping solo Dalisa Pigram uses dance and video to explore her Asian-Aboriginal roots, the history of her people, and the many challenges confronting the Aboriginals in a rapidly changing and globalised world. »

Anton Lachky Company »

Mind a gap

For his first own production Lachky invited five of the Belgian dance scene’s most promising male dancers. Each dancer creates his own cartoonish character in imaginary ‘Tonoland’. This performance emphases the beauty and power of a body in motion. »

Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez & Ictus »

What the Body Does Not Remember

'What The Body' is Vandekeybus fascinating debut performance from 1987. Now 25 years later, and especially for DD, this groundbreaking show is being performed for the first time with live music by the Brussels new music ensemble Ictus. »

Daan »

Le Franc Belge

For Le Franc Belge, the Belgian artist opts for the sounds of Paris, the French ‘chanson’ and ‘le cinéma’. Yet in equal measure there is the sound of rattling rock cellars, epic westerns, and rocky night clubs. Partly in French, partly in English. »

Rony Verbiest »

plays Dave Brubeck

Rony Verbiest’s accordion music always reflects a certain melancholy, even though he concentrates mainly on light jazz during this homage to Brubeck. »

Mario Kombou »

The Elvis Years 1954-1977

For two hours, this British entertainer puts himself in the eccentric shoes of Elvis Presley. And so, at least temporarily, the City Theatre becomes a 'Heartbreak Hotel'. »

Giant Giant Sand »

support: The DeSoto Caucus

Howe Gelb portrays the lifechanging road trip of a man who sets off in search of adventure. This naive plan takes him to a new love, a Mexican prison, dusty paths, and blind alleys. »

Percy Sledge - GEANNULEERD »

The golden voice of soul

Percy Sledge made his big breakthrough when he started as a solo artist and successfully recorded numbers such as 'Love me tender' and 'My special prayer', moving on from the golden voice from Alabama to the golden voice of soul. »

Aakash Odedra Company »


The promising Akaash Odedra dances four solos choreographed by himself, Akram Khan, Russell Maliphant, and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. With his contribution of virtuoso classic Indian dance techniques, he gives modern western dance a new dimension. »

Studenten accordeonklas Stedelijk Conservatorium Brugge - Duo Ivan & Emile »


The accordion takes you to some unusual districts where young local talent gets an informal stage. »

Orchestre Alexandra Paris »

La Princesse de l'Accordéon

A nostalgic party in the true dance hall tradition led by ‘the princess of the accordion’ Alexandra Paris. »

Derek & Philippe Thuriot + orkest »

bal musette

A French-style ball with the familiar recipe that all good things come in two. »

Gabriel Rios & Band »

support: Hydrogen Sea

The well known Belgian guitarist, lyricist, composer, singer, and artist Gabriel Rios aims to go further from the beaten track. During his stay in New York, he returned to the core of the singer & songwriter existence. »

Macarena Ramirez »

Macarena Ramirez

Macarena Ramirez is one of the most remarkable new talents from the world of contemporary flamenco. Recently, she has started performing outside Spain, so we’ve grasped this opportunity with both hands! »

Guido Belcanto en het Magische Decaporgel »

Balzaal der Gebroken Harten III

This giant Decap organ takes you back to the days of the magical ballrooms of bygone days where fleeting romance and sentimental nostalgia illuminated the dance floor. »

Jan Martens »


In 'Dialogue' two performances flow together seamlessly: 'BIS' - created by choreographer Jan Martens for 62-year-old iconic choreographer-dancer Truus Bronkhorst - and 'La Bête' - created for young actress Joke Emmers. 'Dialogue' is a hypnotically ritual performance about unconventional beauty. It both cudgels and caresses. It is a web, in which the voice guides and accompanies, but is also a final straw. »

Johnny Sansone »

the beat of the wetlands

Sizzling zydeco, steaming Tex-Mex, and cajun gumbo for licking the fingers is what Johnny Sansone gets from his accordion. »

Duizendeneen »

De Windhond

Children’s drama in which a neglected guard dog looks for absurd escape routes from its miserable existence. »

Interactive Theatre Australia »

Faulty Towers - The dining experience

For a few evenings, the foyer of the City Theatre is given the allure of a faulty version of 'Fawlty Towers'. You are served by Sybil, Basil, and Manuel. During a ‘promising’ three-course meal, the three characters drag you into the hectic world of chaotic hotel and restaurant life. »

Sharon Shannon & Band »

support: Calan

For both Calan and Sharon Shannon, their roots lie in traditional Celtic folk music, but their sparkling arrangements transpose their music to all corners of the world. »

MandolinMan »

plays Bossa Nova

MandolinMan explores the world of the bossa nova. Apart from well known classics such as 'Agua de beber' and 'Meditaçao' by Antonio Carlos Jobim, they also perform some of their own compositions. »

Leerlingenconcert accordeonklas Stedelijk Conservatorium Brugge »


A varied introduction to the lively local talent of the accordion students from the city’s music academy. »

François Glorieux »

Een middag met François Glorieux

François Glorieux still likes to sit behind the wing and strums charming renderings of both his own work and classic and pop. »

Theatre Ad Infinitum »

Translunar Paradise

In a tender and muted microcosm the British company Theatre Ad Infinitum causes time to stand still briefly and take you on an imaginary dream trip through life, death, and eternal love. This gem grips you gently by the throat. »

Carmen Linares »


This primitive mother of flamenco song has the rare gift of being able to bundle joy, pain, and vitality into a single tone. »

Isolde et les Bens »


Belgian female drummer Isolde Lasoen brings a congenial set of French ‘sixties tubes’, but also some pop gems in English. »



In 'GIRLS' you won’t find experienced ladies on the dance floor, but eight girls aged between 10 and 15. They move in perfectly timed, yet playful choreography, with no decor, with no light effects, and with only their own breath as soundtrack. »

Abattoir Fermé »


'GHOST' is inspired by impressions and snapshots of a road trip through Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The result is a presentation without a script bathed in an atmosphere of melancholy and surprise. »

Cie Mossoux-Bonté »

Les buveuses de café

Two stylish ladies sip away at cups of coffee and start to behave differently. This opens up cracks in their superficial comfort. Gradually, a struggle between these two women develops. »

Renato Borghetti »


Milonga, chacarera, or chamame hold no more secrets for this Brazilian gaucho as he drives his accordion through the breeziest plañas. »

Belgian Swingjazz Orchestra »


Belgian jazz from between the two world wars, with the occasional drift into the 1960s. We encounter great masters such as Peter Packay, Frank Engelen, Stan Brenders, Gus Viseur, Jean Omer, Django Reinhardt, and Jean Delahaut. »

Compagnie Marie Chouinard »

Gymnopédies & Henri Michaux: Mouvements

Marie Chouinard came upon the book 'Mouvements' (1952) by the Belgian surrealist Henri Michaux. Ten dancers create in a sublime way the visual echo of Michaux’s kaleidoscopic lines and dots. 'Gymnopédies' is based on the similar musical composition of Erik Satie. By means of sensual duo’s, she enters into the heart of Satie’s masterpiece. »

Brussels Jazz Orchestra »


The BJO grabbed strip cartoonist Philip Paquet by the scruff of the neck to supply a few short jazz picture stories in which six composers have written a soundtrack. The stories are projected onto a big screen, equipped with the accompanying music score. »

Cie Mossoux-Bonté »

Nunakt & Noli Me Tangere

Somewhere, on the edge of the world, men and women tear themselves out of the shadows and away from the stone in which they were trapped. »

Joaquin Diaz »


Since he moved to Canada, Joaquin Diaz has been the leading advocate of merengue outside the Republic of Colombia. »

Concertino »

Accordion Worls Champion Orchestra

One of Rumanias most vibrant export products plays a contemporary classic program at high energy and power. »

Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez & special guests »

Spiritual Unity

Ultima Vez and musicians Mauro Pawlowski, Elko Blijweert, Roland Van Campenhout and Jeroen Stevens bring us a unique total spectacle, with choreographies and compositions from Vandekeybus performances. An atmospheric fusion of movement and music. »